About Us

Our Purpose

To facilitate hope and opportunity for today's youth; when life goals are challenged by unfortunate personal situations, tragedy and adversity.

Our Mission

  • To provide financial assistance to organizations whose purpose is focused on today's youth; providing unavailable resources, guidance and care to those in need in an effort to improve hope and opportunities for productive and successful lives.
  • To provide scholarship opportunities for individuals who strive to attend institutions of higher learning.

DONORS We would especially like to thank Carol Alt for assisting the foundation through her fundraising efforts as well as getting us the necessary exposure to donors and sponsors that we would not have been able to meet without her.  We greatly appreciate everything that Carol has done for us.
Some of our previous donors who have generously donated to help our cause in memory of Tony Alt:

  • The Trump Organization
  • Bill O'Reilly
  • BGC Partners
  • Benjamin Maintenance
  • Platinum Maintenance
  • American Building Maintenance
  • First Quality Maintenance
  • JJ Rosenberg Electrical Contractors.

IN MEMORY OF TONY ALT In 2005, we lost a dear friend and colleague in Tony Alt.  During his time on the New York Life and Goldman Sachs accounts for Jones Lang LaSalle, Tony became known as a witty, fun loving guy that always had a smile.

Anthony T. Alt, Jr., was born to Muriel and Anthony T. Alt on April 20, 1955 in College Point, NY. A big time little leaguer and a devoted Giants and Mets fan, Tony, as he was known to friends and family, loved to torment his three younger sisters, Karen, Carol and Christine.

Tony was a well rounded student. During his high school years at Wheatley High, he could be seen on the football field and basketball court as well as in the library or charming the ladies wherever he went.

Tony's acceptance to West Point was on a Presidential recommendation and he had the rare pleasure of having his proud father, the late Col. Anthony Alt, swear him in on his entrance to the Academy. There, Tony excelled just as he had in grade and high school by keeping up an excellent GPA average.

Following Tony's graduation from West Point he was stationed at Ft. Bliss, TX, via Ft. Benning, GA, for Jump School where he specialized in Air Defense. From there he was assigned to the DMZ in South Korea where he met his future wife, Pamela, who was the Executive Assistant at the New Zealand Embassy.

Married in New Zealand but returning to duty at Ft. Bliss, Tony was assigned to the Dept. of Evaluation and Standardization which, among other things, was instrumental in the logistics relating to the development of the Patriot Missile System. Tony was an exemplary soldier and as such was awarded a number of decorations including the Army Commendation Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon and National Defense Service Medal.

Tony resigned his commission as Captain in 1985 and he, Pamela and their daughter, Michaela-Jane, moved to New Zealand where they resided for 12 years.

During this time two new members of the family were born, Monica and Anthony. Tony enjoyed the beach bum lifestyle of New Zealand and his favorite pastime was beaching or hiking with the kids. He picked up the colloquialisms quickly and to this day people who remember Tony smile and mimic him saying "Good on you Mate".

Returning with his family to the United States in March 1997, he contracted as a consultant to Chase Bank before securing a position at Jones Lang LaSalle in the Property Management Division.

Always know for his positive and gregarious personality, Tony had an unflagging willingness to help his colleagues whom he firmly considered friends. Tony had a close relationship with all three of his children and through his son maintained a strong involvement with Boy Scouts and on weekends they could be seen attending campouts, trekking, fishing or father/son softball games.

Tony was an avid chess player ant thought nothing of playing for endless hours with anyone unwise enough to mention a passing acquaintance with the game.

Besides his passion for his family, Tony had a great desire to help those in less fortunate circumstances. He was a great believer in the rights of children and their opportunity to success to their dreams.

Tony passed away suddenly on July 14, 2005, and it is with the above precept in mind that the Tony Alt Memorial Foundation was formed with a view to help those children disadvantaged both in health and educational possibilities.